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I Got All This Sleep & Nothing To Show For IT

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Don't substitute sleep with stimulants

Sleep deprivation are two words, that when put together cause a whole mess of problems. Let's start by saying, even if you sleep 8 hours, you can still be sleep deprived. How can that be? Our bodies rely on uninterrupted sleep as opposed to sleep length. Imagine your job is to give someone directions. That's it . . . that's all you do is give directions all day. One day, someone asks for directions to a location about 30 minutes away. Routinely, you begin to give directions, however every time you begin to talk, you are interrupted. Eight hours go by and you've only talked about how to leave the parking lot. Whew! That's a little predicament. Your manager comes over, all smug and such, "Hey, your productivity was horrible today, you operated at 2% of the norm. Get it together or there will be consequences!" Guess what, tomorrow the same darn thing happens again. You become agitated, hungry (all this trying and no food to keep you going), your focus is off from the craziness, you become stressed and anxious, and the demand for production does not change. These happen to be the exact symptoms of sleep deprivation/possible sleep disordered breathing. That's an ugly picture, but exactly how the body responds to the productivity/length of time problem. Quality over quantity is the name of the game!

If you feel tired during the day, or suffer from one of the above complaints, have an evaluation from a sleep physician. You may have a sleep disorder and not realize it.

Better Sleep is a Better You!

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