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Wading Through Anxiety

The Anxiety of Anxiety's Anxiety


Although, not the same, fear and anxiety are frequently used interchangeably. Fear is an appropriate, in-the-moment reaction to a clearly recognized and precise threat. Anxiety however, is associated with present or future prolonged, lengthy reactions centered on a diffuse situation. Fear is in your face, at the moment. Anxiety is what to come, what is happening, or the potential of what might come or happen. It’s effect or impact is spread out over time.

All of us have been gripped with anxiety at one point in our lives.  For some of us anxiety can seem to last a lifetime. Anxiety is a sensation of worry, dread, and unease. It can be a response to stress. You might have anxiety, for instance, when confronted with a taxing and demanding challenge at work, before taking a test, your children, or before making a crucial decision.

In an early blog, I mentioned changing the frequency of your mind when needed. Let us tackle anxiety. Let us take a look at our thinking pattern and apply these strategies:

  • Acknowledging the thinking inaccuracies that are causing issues and then reassessing them in the light of what’s really going on.  How are we evaluating or thinking about the situation? Is it actually what’s going on or are we making presumptions or embellishing the situation?

  • Developing a deeper comprehension of other people's motivations and behaviors. Sometimes we have to understand, evaluate, and/or assess why people say and do what they do. Is this something that is going to or has affected us? Is it their problem or ours?  If their problem, keep it moving!

  • Applying problem-solving techniques to handle challenging circumstances.  Here are a few tips you can apply:

If no one will tell us, we need to tell ourselves, we are strong, confident and we trust and have faith that this anxiety will not overwhelm or rule our life. Acquire a stronger sense of faith and self-confidence in one's skills.

Something that has been said over the years, and I’ll say it now, we have to PUSH.  Keep pushing until something happens.  Do not get stuck.  Keep pushing and climbing, knowing that we can overcome something that wants to rob us, make us feel uneasy and unsure.

Dr. Vikki Mettle is the best armor (armour)

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