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Morning Miagraine


I am excited to introduce Vikki Singleton, Ph. D. She is the other half of True Sleep Diagnostics. She works with athletes to grow and maintain mental fortitude. She passionately pursues the growth of mental toughness and would like to share! The name of her blog is Mettle Up.

The mind is the most powerful and complex system or network in the human body. It is like a computer that needs programming or like a radio that has various frequencies. At any given moment the program may become infected, or the frequency changed throwing one into a mental battle. It’s important to make adjustments/updates, recalibrate the mind as changes in life occur. Throughout the day various thoughts flood the mind, making us shift our thoughts which dictate our actions or behavior.

Like an old DOS computer system, there are still some in use today (can you believe it?), programming is required. What codes are we sending to program our mind. We do not have to be held hostage to old thoughts and memories from the subconscious mind. We have the power to delete, develop, and create new thoughts. Unscramble the mind and revisit the programs that brought thoughts we want to keep. Save them, and delete the rest.

Every year new car models are produced and every year the new model looks different; it's enhanced with new features, new technology. Let’s think about how we can enhance or upgrade the technology in our mind! Acquire new thoughts, and renew, enhance, and update. It’s okay to consent to an upgrade. Think about the last time an upgrade was completed . . .

We must give ourselves permission, and authorize a mind overhaul; start monitoring and being mindful of thoughts that permeate our mind. Change the frequency when needed, and reprogram when warranted. Let us take a minute to clear our mind. Let’s close our eyes, take 3 or 4 deep breathes, and enjoy the space right now. Find a time when there was peace, calm, and happiness. Explore that space and time, program it, save it, and most importantly revisit it often.

Let's start working on the process of training our mind. Start working on reprogramming or changing the frequency to the desired mindset.

Dr. Vikki Mettle is the best armor (armour)

True Sleep Diagnostics

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