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JAOA Publication - Pediatric Maxillary Expansion

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Long time no see! In the distant time of 2016 a colleague and I dove headfirst into a scientific hypothesis. Signs and symptoms of sleep disordered breathing (i.e., daytime sleepiness, lack of focus/cognition, headaches, parasomnias, nocturia/enuresis, hyperactivity, aggression) could be lessened or eliminated by treating mid-face deficiency. Well . . . we proved it! The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association published our case study in the February 2019 Journal (

Here is the short spill of the study. 2, 9 year old twins with severe sleep apnea were receiving the toss around in the medical community. The symptoms their mother complained about to their primary care and ENT physician were shoulder shrugged. The young ladies were told they would "grow out of it." At this point, they did not yet have a sleep study, and were not being given that consideration by their frequented medical professionals.

True Sleep Diagnostics performed home sleep testing on both young ladies - Dr. Ahmad Boota was the interpreting physician -, to find each with severe sleep apnea. John White, D.D.S. performed maxillary expansion for the twins, and a few months later . . . no sleep apnea. Not only no sleep, significantly reduced flow limitation. Tonsils and adenoids were removed by Dr. Nathan Alexander to further the reduce the impedance of enlarged soft tissue.

Below is a testimonial video of the twins' mother. Apologies for off-angle.

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