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If it's sleep you want, you got it! Join the dark side! This course delivers deep insight into sleep diagnostics with one of your favorite sleep people, Ken Hooks. You will gain a strong understanding of sleep monitoring and how it translates into reporting. You will not want to miss this information. Trust me, the clouds surrounding sleep will be blown away.  

Course Outline

Have you or your patient ever had a sleep study? Have you ever been handed a report and not understand everything? Has the verbalization of the report left you puzzled? Fret no longer! Build knowledge and confidence in your ability to understand sleep diagnostics. 

In addition to the modules below, we will run a few live sessions for sleep study reviews of previous patients.

Terms of Endearment

Your introduction to sleep diagnostics. Terms! The worst part, am I right? This module familiarizes you with common terms and acronyms used in sleep diagnostics.

Welcome to the Grid

Crossing the threshold into sleep diagnostics. This short module highlights the nuances of patient setup.


What are our brains doing while we sleep? What does it look like? Why is it important? Learn the basis of sleep staging and begin the journey into RAW data.

Vroom Vroom Ventilatory

Ventilation, breathing, human respiration. How does it work? What is the basis? Understanding ventilation aids in the understanding of respiratory deficiency during sleep; or as Ken calls it, Nocturnal Breathing Disturbance. This module also yields understanding of the importance of the nose and its influence on ventilation.

A Snore, A Gasp, An Apnea, A Mask

What we all talk about . . . . respiratory events! What are they really? What do they look like? Learn the rules and understand the basis of respiratory events.

Hearty Heart Heart

What happens to the heart when there's respiratory trouble? How do we even know? This module will aid in understanding pulse oximetry and heart activity.

Ty Yerd

Hypersomnia and narcolepsy. What's the difference? From where do they come to storm the body? This module will highlight excessive daytime sleepiness, narcolepsy, and testing geared toward diagnosis.

Better But Changed

This module highlights the effect of certain medications on sleep architecture.

CPAP & The Affiliates

How does CPAP work? What is CPAP anyway? BiPAP? Come again? This module focuses on the 2 most common forms of positive pressure, and the auto adjusting versions.


The biggest match of the century. Sleep is a new field of medicine, relatively speaking, yet has accelerated technologically at an absurd pace. What is the difference between an in-lab study versus an at home study, when both are acceptable to diagnose sleep apnea?


What in the world do the words on this sleep report mean? Not all sleep reports are the same, despite sleep testing having 1 standard. This module focuses on understanding sleep study reports.

Case Review

  • Reviewing sleep reports and sleep studies for deeper understanding of interpretations.

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